I’m not leaving.

by Elizabeth on November 11, 2013

I decided I’m not leaving Brazil. We have had such a great time touring, trying new food, and hanging out with my in-laws (having someone clean, do dishes and laundry for you doesn’t hurt either) I think we will just move!

Tomorrow is our last day here and in all seriousness, I think it would be a lot harder to leave if we didn’t have a lot to get ready for this upcoming weekend! Noah turns two one week from today (what?!) and I have done nothing to get ready for his party this weekend except send out invitations…

Anyway, let me show you a little of what we were up to this weekend! One of the main things you must see in Rio is Sugar Loaf Mountain. After you ride to the top the view is absolutely incredible.





Here I am posing at the top… Joe stop laughing.


Here is the real view:


The rides up on the cable cars were actually kind of scary. I said no less than 45 prayers we would make it up and down safely.

After Sugar Loaf we went to Corcovado which is also on top of a mountain. Corcovado is the statue of Christ that looks over Rio. More info and pics to come because I’m short on time this morning. It was incredible though!

Instead I’ll show you a few new food items I’ve tried (another reason I’m staying…)

These are BY FAR my new favorite food! Pastels are fried pastries with super spicy taco meat inside (it tastes nothing like a taco but that’s what I can think to compare it to texture wise). You pour spicy oil on it and wow. There are literally no words. I ate three but after the first bite I secretly wanted to grab the entire plate and run away so I didn’t have to share. I’m awesome dinner company if you were planning on inviting me over.



We also ordered fried ribs. They were amazing too but all I could think about were the pastels and how sad I was they were gone.


Joe and I walked around the city for a bit after dinner and tried a Brazilian creamery. This was one of the better desserts we’ve had! Ordering was tricky just because all the flavors were written in Portuguese. Basically I had to sample every flavor to know which was the best!


Gotta run!

Tell me about your weekend! What was the best thing you ate?

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