First post… awkward like many other firsts.

Hello there. Welcome to my blog! Tonight I am making my first post and I can’t help but be blatantly honest when I say many of the same feelings I had during my first date, first kiss, first day of school, first day of mommyhood etc. are coming up. It feels forced, awkward, and not natural. Luckily those things became more normal and routine just like I’m sure blogging will. If not, yikes. It’s actually only largely due to divine intervention that you are able to read this. To say I am not tech savvy is a true statement. To say my first reaction when something goes wrong with my electronics is to get really worked up, cry hysterically, call Joe, and avoid it for a while rather than make any kind of decision based on logic is also true. So after many hours spent today working through technical difficulties… Here it is. Yay me for being brave and trying/learning new things today. Did you try anything new today?

Ok. Enough awkwardness for one evening. Goodnight.

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7 thoughts on “First post… awkward like many other firsts.

  1. Love this blog already Liz and added it to my Google Reader list! :) I think reading your blog will make me feel like I get to see you wayyy more than I actually do– so excited!