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Saint Nick you rock. Step up your game mall Santa.

Did anyone else know that today is the feast day of St. Nick? I have this awesome and somewhat useless ability to remember dates. Growing up I went to Catholic school and I vividly remember putting our shoes outside the classroom door on the morning of December 6. By lunchtime he had always come and filled our shoes with candy! Although I didn’t leave my shoes outside the door while I ran this morning, when I got back St. Nick had paid me a visit. 

I have no idea who you are or why you sent this to me, Justin Burque. I’m guessing you knew I was excited about the feast day of St. Nick? In other important news I’d like to give a birthday shout out to my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Smith. I have no doubt she is reading this right now. Told you I was good with dates.

I get really excited to check the mail in December because you don’t just get the boring stuff like bills, ads, and other useless junk… people mail out Christmas cards! They make my heart happy for many reasons but mainly because I know how much work goes into them. At least for me it did with this year being the first we needed a family, everyone looking, everyone smiling, somewhat Christmasy although the highs are still reaching 80 degrees picture. Maybe some families out there can relate to this…. Maybe it’s just us.

We planned our picture for 6 pm. Not 9 am when the humidity is so thick you could cut it with a knife, and not 3 pm when you would clearly see sweat dripping from our faces. “Merry Christmas from the melting Sauvageaus” just didn’t have the right ring to it.

Our prep work began at noon. Getting Noah ready often reminds me of a Chinese finger trap: the harder you try, the less result you get. It’s an art, really, of timing everything perfectly. Napping, feeding, bathing, chasing, screaming, threatening, combing hair, dressing (don’t you even THINK about spitting up on that outfit!!!), packing up, loading up (you better not start sweating in your Christmas outfit even though it’s 110 degrees in this car!!!)

By the time we were on our way I would have been crying from the frustration of it all but I’d already done my mascara and eyeliner. You better know I sucked it up to keep that looking decent.

We finally meet the photographer and spend over two hours making ridiculous faces and noises trying to get Noah to smile (no, not at us Noah… look at the camera!) We are stuffing him with puffs, juice, candy; anything to keep him content. We have Elmo talking and balls flying. The whole ordeal is similar to a circus minus the fire. Safety first.

The poor photographer took close to 1,000 pictures. We got ONE of us all smiling and looking somewhat normal. It really makes me wonder how people in the 1900′s got their twelve kids smiling and all looking at the same time for that perfect Christmas picture to put on their holiday greeting card.

I apologize for the quality of my pictures. Hopefully Santa will bring me a new one for Christmas… and speaking of Santa, I took Noah to see Santa at the mall yesterday (our second attempt, the first was a bit traumatic for him) and when I got there they said Santa doesn’t come in til 3 pm? My kid’s bedtime routine starts at 3 pm. Step up your game mall Santa.

I realize this was a longer post, so for the four of you still reading… Have a great day!

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